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Mayureshwar Enterprises (P) Ltd. is a leading provider and manufacturer of entire range of Construction Chemicals, Wall-putty, paints and Building Materials. It also have a good background and best experience in serving its reputed clients and customer with quality in Tiles Industries & Complete Building Solutions (Water Proofing and so on) and a name that some of the world’s most reputed firms from diverse industries rely on.

Our Quality Assurance

We specialize in Construction Chemicals, Wall-putty, paints and Tile Adhesive. It’s just been more than 10 years that we have started producing Construction Chemicals, Wall-Putty ,paints and Water Proofing Chemiclas with its supply to the well-known brands of India, our market is widely spread over in the States, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Our strong technical background combined with our cumulative expertise of handling complex construction chemicals reactions makes us the preferred choice for quality products.

The ever employees in our global Construction Chemicals team are passionately working for our customer’s success. Whether building owners, architects, construction companies or applicators – we can support them at all stages of a construction project and throughout a building’s entire lifetime. We put to work our technological expertise and our experience to advise our customers and to provide them with the right solutions based on our extensive portfolio of products and systems Backed by decades of expertise, Mayureshwar Enterprises (P) Ltd. is currently one of the fastest growing company in the state, housing a large team of highly experienced and best talents in the market.

Known for its innovation and creating industry benchmarks, Mayureshwar Enterprises Private Limited has several specialties to its credit:

  • It is the only Company which manufactures & sells entire range of Construction Chemicals, Wall-putty, paints & Water Proofing Chemicals to the industry giants of India. Also, it is amongst the top growing company with influencing and holding the market of its class in both of the States, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
  • We want our company to be known not only for advanced and accurate solutions, but also for the caliber of personal service we deliver.


Many of our solutions help to make construction more sustainable. Our innovative technologies and products help to save energy when building, renovating and using our homes. They moreover, contribute to prolonging the building’s live-span.

Why our clients choose us:

  • WIDER product range
  • Quality and Reliability: All chemicals with expiry date, COA & MSDS.
  • On-time deliveries - by ROAD, AIR & SEA TRANSPORTS.
  • Skilled and qualified staff: for professional handling of hazardous chemicals.
  • Responsible organization with utmost sensitivity for environmental concerns.

Environmental Hygiene

  • Utmost care and caution is taken in hygienic laboratories and safety measures that the company values.
  • Our customers want nothing less than quality and stability in every product. To meet the ever-evolving, technological demands of the new century, we've implemented rigid, sophisticated controls.
  • Our progressive management includes a continual upgrading of all our systems punctuated with safety inspections, monitored quality checks and consistent traffic follow-ups.

To establish credibility and further safety our entire range of chemicals are manufactured and processed according to the international quality standards in terms of accuracy, efficiency and quality. Owing to the quality, these are appreciated by the clients for purity, precise pH value, non-reactive nature, high effectiveness and accurate composition. Mayureshwar Enterprises (P) Ltd. also enjoys the prestige of producing eco-friendly chemicals and has an environmental protection policy which follows below mention principals:

  • Proper Waste Elimination
  • Recycling of Resources
  • Conservation of Energy

We have established our unit far away from human inhabitation. Further, to help enhance safety at all stages and under all circumstances the quality processed chemicals that we offer to our clients can be safely transported and effectively used in different industrial processes and can be safely and easily disposed.

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